Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cumin-Fried Beef

In Chinese history, we have so many sentences to make the people know the importance of food, such as “Food is the sky of the people.” But, not all the people think cooking is an easy thing. Now, I can make so many dishes. The top one of them is cumin-fried beef. Cumin is one of the famous seasonings in China especially the northern part. It is also the traditional seasoning in India. Cumin-fried beef is not difficult to make that it just has three important steps, which are choosing, pickling and cooking.

The first important step is how to choose beef. For example, in the experiences, the meat with half fat and half lean is better than the lean meat by itself. It not only looks nice but also tastes good. As usual, one pound is enough for two or three people.

Next, the second step is pickling the beef. Most of the people who have cooked beef before know that beef can turn hard easily. For this reason, using egg white is necessary to make the beef soft. After cutting the beef, should be mixed it with the white for more than 15 minutes. If a cook prefers, he or she can mix a little bit of pepper and sugar into it too. Thus, adding the white is the key point to pickle beef.

Finally, the third step is frying. When the oil almost smokes, people can put the fragments of green onion and ginger into the pan. Then, people should take the beef and cumin in the pan. As usual, people need to put cumin in the pan at least twice. The second time is when you want to take out the beef. After about 20 minutes, the fried step will be done.

Overall, the procedure is super easy to learn and command. In short, it is just three steps. This dish is traditional Chinese food. This cumin-fried beef is delicious and easy to make.

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